Alexander Ipatov was born on July, 16, 1993 in Lviv, Ukraine. He holds the International Grandmaster title in chess and is the 2012 World Junior Chess Champion. When he was four, his father taught him how to play chess, and at the age of six his mother brought him to a local chess club.

In March 2003, he became the vice-champion of Ukraine U10. This made him eligible to participate in the World Youth Chess Championship U10, which took place in Greece. In the WYCC U10, Alexander finished in 11th place out of 133 players. In 2007, Alexander became the vice-champion of Ukraine U14 once again and was therefore eligible to represent Ukraine in the World Youth Chess Championship U14 being held in Turkey. He finished in 8th place, entering the top 10 for the first time.

2008 was one of the most successful years of his career. In that year, he obtained 207 points of ELO rating, became vice-champion of Ukraine U16 and U20, and got titles of National Master and International Master, all at the age of 14. From January, 2009 to February, 2012, he represented Spain.

In 2011, he finished 3rd  in the International Chess Open of Cappelle-la-Grande (France) , where he participated with 573 players, in which 85 were grandmasters. Also, he was awarded with the International Grandmaster title later that year in July.

Since February 2012, Alexander Ipatov has represented the Turkish Chess Federation. August 2012, he became the FIDE World Junior Chess Champion. He was also a participant for the Turkish National Team in the following prestigious events : World Chess Olympiad (2012, 2014), European (2013, 2015) and World Team Championships (2013). Alexander twice took part in the World Chess Cup (2013,2015).

In July 2013, Alexander won the DSK GM Tournament in Cape Town (South Africa) and in September took the silver medal in the World Junior Chess Championship with 10,5/13. In October of the same year he managed to tie for 1st in both American opens that he participated.

In April 2014, Alexander Ipatov gratuated with a bachelor degree in law from the Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy of Ukraine. In November of the same year he became the Turkish National Chess Champion.

In March 2015, Alexander finished 7th at the European Individual Chess Championship and qualified for the World Cup 2015 in Baku, in which he advanced to Round 2. In July 2015, Alex tied for 1st in the World Open in Arlington, VA. In December 2015 he became the Turkish National Chess Champion for the second year in a row. In September 2016, he contributed  to the Turkish National team´s success at the World Chess Olympiad in Baku, where Turkey finished 6th out of 180 participating teams.

As of October, 1, 2016, Alexander Ipatov is ranked #89 in the world and #1 in Turkey with the ELO rating 2660.

Alexander speaks Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish and Turkish languages. He is a fan of FC Barcelona.